The 9-5 Job

Or otherwise called ‘the desk job’

I have bagged myself a proper job. One where I can earn enough money to stay alive (well once I have gotten out of my student overdraft). You know food, shelter, clothes, gym and etc.


Previously to this proper adult job I was in the education system and had the occasional seasonal job. They were not all easy (Waterstones was easy and lovely, and shall always be my back up if all else fails). One of my seasonal jobs was as a waitress/kids supervisor/ bar staff/ slave. It did at times feel like hell, with a pitch of karaoke, tourists, children and the customer is always right ethos.

A seasonal job also forces you to make difficult decisions. Such as during my break. I had to decide on whether to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. During my whole day I could only pick one proper meal. In a 14 hour shift you get one hour break and the occasional ‘fag break’ when it was not busy.

Right I should have written a review about the seasonal job.

SO the 9-5 job that I have not really mentioned in this blog yet.


It should technically be easier than a seasonal job. They treat you like a human being to start with. You are no longer a minimum wage commodity. You can have breaks and lots of them. The job I have right now also lets me take hours off if I don’t want to work. Of course you lose money, but that is the price you pay. This is an unofficial rule, and of course I am not bunking off from work. I am actually¬†looking for other jobs.¬†I am allowed to go to interviews during the working hours. I am not stuck forever in my temp job.

I should rephrase the 9-5 job as 9:10-4:30. The times of at least 60%-90% effort. For no human being can focus for 6 + hours. That is why tea breaks exist. A lot of the times there is a tea buddy. They help with the doors and use the kitchen as a mini break while you make tea. Past 4:30pm, especially on a Friday people seem to just fall apart. Not into a mosh, but usually into hysteria. The good one (no wombs in this case or mad women). The one where we are all just talking about such random stuff. eg.

Cotton cheese (mispronounced), cake, takeaways, what type of white roll to get sainsbury and a colleague then saying that the bread was made by child labour. All stuff that is boring when out of context.

We have a breakfast van that comes at 09:30 and a ice cream van that once turned up on Wednesday. But I have not seen (heard about it, or saw the evidence of ice cream) this van.

There are a lot of people on a diet. A lot going to slimming world and trying to lose 3 pounds in a week. It seems impossible to lose weight at a desk job. There is of course the vans that turn up daily full of bacon rolls, doughnuts etc. And the doughnuts that turn up near my desk. Macmillan coffee morning, again the cakes are next to my desk. I think therefore it must be a miracle if anyone loses weight. I can just about get myself to the gym every other day and do a measly 30 min workout.


My work does get very repetitive. Thankfully I know that it is not for ever. Nothing really is. There are so many roles out there. I have no one dependent on me. Therefore I can try out a little of everything as often as I like.

So for now I shall continue on in this rat race.





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