Star Trek Beyond

So one of the many blockbusters coming this summer. For me films are split into the Oscar film season and the summer blockbusters. The former being full of drama, brilliant acting and a film that makes you think and discuss when you leave the cinema.

Summer blockbusters on the other hand are simple films. Of course they usually cost loads and full of action. But it tends to have a simple plot. Usually the good guys against the bad guys, and the good guy questions his sense of self. This is what the new Star Trek film is about. Kirk faces a crisis of identity as his birthday draws closer. Some will call this a mid life crisis, and he does get a bike. He joined ‘the federation’ as a dare and now he is trying to be someone different to his Dad. He wants to know what it is like just to be himself.


Another comment I have about the film is Simon Pegg as ‘Scotty’. There is an issue there. He is constantly on the screen and weakens the main trio of Kirk, Spock and Bones. Pegg co-wrote the screenplay and must have accidentally wrote himself into a lot of the action. I do like Scotty but he is a background character that provides the comedy when things are getting serious. This is an old trope of placing comedy in-between drama. For example Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. He is the character that provides the laughs.


By the end of the film I was getting annoyed with his repetitive sketch of him shouting into the intercom that he can’t do what Kirk has asked him to do. Then he says he can, and then he says maybe. It seems that a lot of the characters lack the self-confidence. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but majority of the time he is successful with whatever crazy thing Kirk wants him to do.

Overall it is a good film, full of great visuals and action. I just feel like they get distracted by the action and lack any character development.

Although as a blockbuster is ticks all the boxes. It is simple fun.





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