Outlander- so far…

‘Outlander: Cross Stitch’ by Diana Gabaldon 

I am about 50 pages in so can’t provide you with a fully proper review.So far what I have learnt is that Claire Randall is in Scotland with her husband for a long overdue 2nd honeymoon. I say long overdue as they have both been apart during the Second World War, only seeing each other three times over 7 years.

2014outlandertvcoverI am a bit weary taking my copy on Holidays because it looks kinda like the novels where
the ‘woman cannot contain herself as her body was taken over by passion.’

A novel where the woman faces sexual encounters with men, or something like that. You must understand I am not really into that stuff. There are a few moments in the novel with sexual innuendos, but they are more of a joke than passionate descriptions. Also I think the encounters I do read is to establish the connection the husband and wife has. I hope. I could find out that I am totally wrong.

But by then I probably don’t care anyway. Diana Gabaldon so far is great at turning boring incidents into exciting stuff. For example she blends history and folklore and mixes Gaelic and Nordic stories together. This I think is an indication that Claire will encounter a blend of folklore and history.

An example of the author making things interesting is when the couple visit the lakes where the Loch Ness monster supposedly lives. She focuses on the folklore of the place and the tour guide is describing about a lover who had his head chopped off for disobeying the fathers wishes and seeing his love. Of course any good author will make what they write interesting. But this author could have easily wrote about the Loch Ness Monster but instead writes about these lovers. In a more simple way, perhaps she, like any other author is writing about these folklore to push the narrative. What I feel like she is introducing is this blend of land,history and folklore.

I shall have to stop speculating and read on, and write a more informative review next time.




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  1. Update: So far not so good :S very sexual and a tad bit sexist. Might carry on, better getting a little bit offended by it all.

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