Love, Nina

What a treat. A great comedy that doesn’t drag. The first episode is a mere 26 mins. However the way it is structured provides plenty. It is set in a time and a place of literacy greatness. A place that reminds me of Alan Bennett and ‘The Lady in The Van’. It does not however have all the interactions with the neighbours. Instead it is focused within the house and the unconventional life of a family. It is full of adult humour which doesn’t take itself to seriously. The series is about Nina who becomes a nanny for two boys of a literary editor. It is a series based on the book by Nina Stibbe and the screenplay written and updated by Nick Hornby.


What is created in this episode is a blending of  sexual and adult jokes with childish random humour. This happens when the boys interrupt and engage with the conversations of the adults. While Nina is a twenty year old caught in the in-between of the children and the adults. She is at the cusp of becoming a fully fledged adult.

We are introduced in the episode to Malcolm. He is a neighbour who is infuriating. The audience are placed in the position of Nina, you want to please him and get his approval, however hard this will be.


While George, the Mum of the boys, is yet to be properly introduced. She appears passive and a listener. However she shows wisdom with her facial expressions back to Nina. She watches and seems to be the guardian angel watching over Nina as she develops as a character and into a adult. She does not say much because she doesn’t need to. She is brilliantly played by Helena Bonham Carter. The actress adds to the characters unconventionality and the way George brings up the boys.  

Overall a great start to the series. It is a joyful introduction to a series and has set itself up perfectly for more episodes. It acts as a reminder that the BBC can produce clever yet funny shows for all generations. Not just producing half thought out shows on BBC three that are easily forgotten.




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