Technically I am not a graduate, I have not donned on the hat and the robes. However I have handed in my dissertations, so I am done. So how does it feel? Stressed. But my sister said (a aged graduate now, a proper adult not a pretender like me) that the stress has been converted. What use to be stress regarding essays has now become stress relating to jobs, and this therefore is stress about money. She explains that now the stress will become positive stress for it can result in getting this said money. While my uni days was wasted emotions that led to black marks on a paper. Now I shall be rewarded with black marks on a coloured paper. This paper can be traded for anything you want. A hat, shoes, food, etc. So I have that to look forward to. What will happen is that I will get stressed, this will led to receiving the coloured paper, and this paper will fuel my daily existence. She didn’t say that last stuff, my degree intercepted the words and they became melancholic and full of ideologies.

I shall continue to grow and learn with whatever job I get first. I hope it is one of those ‘graduate’ jobs but there is always the parents house to run off to. I am currently undergoing interviews in person and through that block of material called a phone. While I type this I am wearing high heels. This is a scary development, but practice makes perfect. Therefore I shall wear these shoes. I shall practise going up those stairs. And I WILL CONQUER.




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