Trainers (shoes)


This week I shall be reviewing…. Trainers

Looking particularly at the notion of trainers as fashion. I appear to be old fashioned- the last trainers I brought were Adidas, it took about half an hour to chose as decided to go alone and figure out what I wanted. It was intimidating, I kept on remembering what my parents said. I longed for them to be there. They would know what I wanted. I was at a sports shop and was looking for trainers for comfort and physical training and workouts. They had to be sturdy stuff.

I did not buy my trainers simply to wear as a fashionable object, or whatever you call it. I have never thought of buying trainers for that purpose until I entered into University. The idea for this post came for 2 incidents. 1 with my dearest friend who showed me some Nike trainers she…

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