barefaced vs made up face

Considering I review anything on site, I thought I will review the notion of makeup.

The idea of of this topic came from the successful no makeup selfie campaign for cancer awareness. The campaign gave rise to the concept that wearing no makeup is a brave thing to do. It was considered a homage to the brave people who are suffering from cancer. I have to criticize this idea, not sure how being barefaced can be seen as ‘brave’ as cancer sufferers. However it has made donating more popular on social networking and raised a lot of money in only a few days.


The image of Demi Lovato was captioned with“be brave today…take off your make-up and stop using those filters! WE are beautiful!”

Linking back to makeup I was nominated to go bare faced and I sadly chose not to. It was a bit pathetic of me, considering that I take bad photographs anyway. Another one with a good cause attached to it would not have harmed me. My close friends and family understand when I said I couldn’t. I have come to a stage where I have to wear makeup in public (Facebook to me is considered as public). Ten years back ,my past self would be criticizing my future self. I was a tomboy, my image was of no importance to me.

That is where I differ now. Image has become important, not simply about beauty but looking presentable. I have a few spots and me showing them ( aka going bare faced) would not lead to any advantages to my life. Perhaps if I did not have them I would allow my natural face to roam free, but until then I will be wearing my foundation. This review is starting to be a bit self-centered (my bad).

When I went cold calling for a job I made sure I was wearing make-up as I was wanting a job in front of house. I have this idea that the image of a business is important, therefore in youthful pubs or bars, and even tea rooms you have to have presentable (dare I say it), good looking people to work there. It is cruel to say, but the next time you go to a cafe look out for the attractive baristo, they will be there.

I am not arguing that you can’t be beautiful bare faced (which Demi Lovato shows this in her selfie) but the people who publicly express their desire for all to go natural are beautiful.

Makeup provides confidence, I use to lack this but when I wore just foundation it allowed me to get on with my day. Perhaps this was coincidental to me maturing and finally accepting who I am, but I think makeup helped a lot. I do like the days where I can spend the whole time natural (also co-linking with the no socks day) it allows my face to breath and not give a damn. But I feel more ‘me’ with foundation. I also can change my appearance with other makeup which can relate to any occasion. It is nice just to get dressed up and go out. I don’t tend to wear too much in the first place, and I can say I am not a professional on how to wear makeup, plucking eyebrows is a no for me ;but a little is good enough for me.

I could go on for days

Yes natural is good, but not when at work, if you are going to wear smart clothes, why wouldn’t you match your face with it? Just a little foundation does not make you not beautiful or natural. If you think about it  it can enhance what you already have.

This review does make me sound awful, but fancied a little discussion on the whole matter.

[Update in 2016- this just shows how much I have changed, it is liberating to go bare. We are brought up with a double standard. Women are brought up thinking they should wear makeup to look pretty. While men have no need to. I feel like I should write another blog with my new found knowledge of what it really means to be barefaced. It is more than about appearance but is a ideological aspect that needs to change.]


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