The Grand Budapest Hotel

I had high expectations of this film, Wes Anderson’s is getting better and better, the last one ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ was Anderson at his best(so much yellow!).moonrise kingdom

He is refreshing from all the Hollywood directors who are easy to forget and are samey. Some try to add political undertones to it all, but is still the same s*** (Elysium). Many people will disagree, but they are the ones who like to watch something for a distraction rather then actual quality.

However I am being hypercritical ,I tend to watch these types of films with the same distracted mind, not fully engaging, as there is no need to. This film is different, you get lost in it, not to distraction, but there is so much to look at. I have only watched it once and thanks to the internet someone has told me about the centralizing of the subject within the frame, so I focused on that. 

Every little detail was thought out, it was a dream for OCDs. At one point Adrien Brody (one of my favourite actor) runs into the shot and stops exactly in the middle, and it makes me happy inside.

Wes Anderson also likes his different angles, the unconventional ones (conventional angles for him though) of the trains and vehicles. Just focusing on the directing alone, when watching ‘The Grand…’ is a enjoyable way to watch it.

I do write fragmented reviews, but that is the way I roll.

I like the parodying of conventions such as the evil man and the ski scope chase (reference to the generic James Bond chase perhaps?). Such as the scene where the man dressed in all black (therefore a evil man) takes off his shoes to stop the familiar

sound of                                                the evil manfootsteps. This removes the generic sound and therefore makes it all so funny, and obvious.


There is too much to say on this film, it is so clever and so much detail in each shot.

I would say if you like films that go against the grain and are eccentric then watch this film 🙂



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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Such a fun movie. Even if it may not be all that deep at the end of the day, it still provides a great time. Good review.

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