Moby Dick in progress

I am trying, trying so hard. But there is only so much whale I can read. I at times wish that someone had told him that this was a bad idea, or just get a editor to demolish it? I know its wrong to write about an epic in that way. I have to say it, I am sorry, but I am not interested in whales. If I was maybe I would Google about it? When I read, I read to be entertained, for pleasure, for dare I say it, for escapism. Yes that is cliche, but I cannot help these feelings. I want to escape into another world. Books do not exist in this world, they belong to something that does not exist and never will. That is what I like about them, they are not meant to belong to this world. Nothing has to fit with this place, there is no structure or rules in a book. I am going on a tangent, but at least I did not write a book about my inner thoughts which did not in Melville’s case consist of whales.


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