So dark

I could not see

Everything felt so far.

I held on tightly to Hansel’s hand

He squeezed mine.

Trying to find the crumbs.

Searching in vain.

They had abandoned us.

And all around us the forest awoke.

Screams of others.

A wolf howls.

Full moon

Up above.

They must be there.

A witch laughs

Echoing in the dark undergrowth

He loses his footing

We fall-

Down and down.

Laughter everywhere.

Trying to grab

Fingers clawing for something

Scraping for anything.

I look around,

It is always night.

I stretch and creak

Only able to watch

Becoming temptation for them.

The famines continuation

Leading to my progression

Into this.

Made out of marzipan


And cake.

Everything so loud

She screeches and laughs.

Stirring the last victim in the cauldron

Nearly ready to eat.

Hunger turning us all into monsters,

The great emptiness

Replacing our morals

To become This.

Children become ‘lost’

Gone astray by their parents,

Becoming meat, so tender and rich.

Game for us all.

Different ways to kill.

She uses me.

Stuck in these four walls

A spell to stop me from talking

And all I can do is watch.

My punishment.

I stir the cauldron,

Almost done.

Laughter fills my lungs

Escapes my mouth

Into noise

I cannot stop.

Must have more

This one was fat

Months of preparation

All my food given to him.

Caring like a mother to a son.

Watching them grow

Fat and juicy

While I got thin.

Preparation for this night.

When I will eat like kings

Well like a Queen.

Full for the first time

Their offerings thankfully received.

Now, one less mouth to feed

Instead used to feed me.

He has stopped screaming.

Always so loud


And pleading



For their mothers

Who left them behind.

Wanting to live

For what?

It feels like eternity

Hunting for his hand.

His crying

Harmonising with mine.

Down in the abyss

They must be here.

Sudden stop.

We have hit rock bottom.

No morsel to be found.



For the way made out of crumbs,

To what we thought was home.

It must be here.

The screaming has stopped

I could hear everything

Hear his whimpering

His pleading and wanting for his mother

They always do.

Death makes us all babies.

Dignity gone

Pleading replaced.

But she simply stirs and laughs.

Hunger pains replacing any humanity she ever had.

We use to be friends

But all I can do now is watch.

Watch as the creature

With her sickly voice.


Making the trees grow apart

Creating this clearing,

They try to run,

But time too slow.

The screaming.

A constant reminder of what becomes,

What becomes when hunger

Eats into you.

Fresh and ready to cook

Like lobsters

Best cooked alive

Best served hot.

I can’t stop laughing

I hear him moan

Shaking the beams

Dust falling onto my cauldron.


No need to add onions

I have no onions.

Like a turkey tied up

So thick

He stares


Occasionally moving aimlessly around

The sauces thickening.

We get up

Our tears clouding our sight.


A growl is heard near.

An animal moans.

Looking on the floor

It must be here.

But we don’t remember this place.

He took us so deep.

Deep into the woods that no one has ever came out of.

Stories full of monsters,

Cannibalistic witches

Fairy stories at night.

Before the great emptiness.

Too hungry to tell the tales.

A shadow rushes past,

Warm air fills the space,

I grab his hand.

Chills multiply on my body

We run.

Don’t look back.

I hear them

I groan

I shake the timber

Think really hard



Hoping one day I will fall

Crumble and break apart

And she will fall with me.

I see them.

Still intact

And all I can do is watch.

It can’t be

A house

Made out of Marzipan, sugar and cake.

It seems to move

Drawing us close

Reminder of the hunger,

The smells,


We let go as we run,

No time for thinking

Grabbing the first thing.


It is not enough,

We grab some more.

A peculiar looking woman comes out.

Sauce on her lips,

A ladle in one hand.

“Come in! Come in, you’re nothing to fear!”

And all I can do is watch.

This was written for one of my craft of writing pieces at uni. Hopefully you can tell that it is a loose adaptation of Hansel and Gretel. This ‘version’ has three personas, Gretel, the house and the witch and trying to follow the genre of horror.


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