Haven’t wrote for ages, been sooo busy getting ready for university, which is a week away. As well as writing a article, my first article for a monthly magazine. Been a eventful summer, the best one so far, which is a total contradiction to the poem I have written. I am trying to write poems that are not about me, or anyone else, just create a new persona,  a poet that I can only speculate about their life.  Use assumptions, not experience to write about them.

How I long to long for something.

Feel something

more than this current feeling

of nothing.


needing air

or some state of particle

to fill it.

Just a quickie poem, but when reading, emphasis is needed on bare and air when you pronounce the words.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tom wotton says:

    I’d fuck that

    1. thanks for that, always insightful

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