Is this the end of the world? the day we fall off the Earth, due to men their pride and their toys. How can we have power When there is nothing left? “Nothing becomes of nothing?” an old man said but now dead.  Surfeit  of surfeit. Given everything  but it wasn’t enough. And now we…

10 Things About Writing I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
1) Be patient. When I was 23 I always felt this absurd need to draft quickly, edit very little, and send out the piece immediately. Just because you finished a 3,000 word story doesn’t mean you should submit it to the New Yorker an hour later. The time away from…

Last Day

Last day  the end  expecting hugs and tears  goodbyes  Like final goodbyes  we will never see again.  Instead  byes  a second glance  then back to normality  no hugs.  Just a word  5 years  more for some  and just a word.  Everything coming to this  the curtain falls  no one cheers  or claps  or stands up….