Drink and Cut

Drink and cut

so you can become history

the future never existing.

And your not there,

for when we make history 

continue the chain,

when you stopped yours

generations that will no longer live.


Never formulated 

only in our minds 

simply imagination 

never becoming reality.

Instead Why?

Loads of Why’s.

Why did you do it?

Why like that?


Were we not enough?

I can answer that

for your mouth 

ceases to function. 

We were not enough.

While you rest

no longer thinking,

wondering, caring.

We, everyday must remember and know.

We were not worthy enough.

Have that in our minds and hearts.



was not worth living for.

(And you can) 

Rest in peace. 


A bit of a sad one, but somehow I conjured it up when I was driving (well I was the passenger) back from Cornwall, which involved a three hour car journey. During the journey I was reading “The Girl Who Played With Fire”  by Stieg Larsson, but needed to spice up the time by writing some poems and a relaxing breather. Thought I would write a poem which looked at the people who were left behind. I know I shouldn’t be doing it- but still a draft :S Need to replace some words, cross out and rewrite etc. Got some influence from “In the Flesh” where Ren comes back form the dead after he has killed himself and other experiences/sources in life. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gregory McCann says:

    Hmm, I like how conversational this seems, like talking to a grave as if it can talk back.

    Sorry about this but *And you’re not there. xD Grammar fascism for the win!

    1. The wonder of poetry is you can get away with grammar ‘mistakes’ 😛
      – they way we think is not grammatically ever correct 🙂 thankfully.

      1. Gregory McCann says:

        Haha, sorry. Too much time spent correcting “Your” and “You’re” on the internet. xD

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