Finished my first proper journal a month back, which focuses only on my creative side of my life. Its full of poems, photographs I have taken, artists I like, research for book ideas and quotes. It has helped me significantly in developing my ‘skills’ and because of a £1 notebook I can capture my imagination and place onto paper, not forget or put on a scrap of paper and lose. Here is one of the poems i wrote a few months back.

Stranger you are becoming

more than

a friend.

Badly influenced

but still.

 Your pull is hard to shake

so I go down to

the abyss 

where we can only meet.


Stopping me

from seeing 

your; my



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  1. Gregory McCann says:

    Reminds me of something I wrote. :/

    That is no way a bad thing (I actually really like this) but it just brings back sad memories and questions that will probably never be answered. I guess that’s a good thing since poetry is supposed to bring out people’s feelings. 🙂

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