Review- Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer


I am currently going though Jonathan Safron Foer’s books and still have not decided if I actually like him. He seems like a poet trying to join all his poems together; yes they are beautiful, but there is no real structure. But maybe I like that, it goes against the normal book, where the first 100 pages are introducing and then there is a climax at the end. In his books they are beautifully written  it is so hard to tell you why he is so brilliant. But yet I will try.He delves right into the character and portrays them in a intimate personal way. He decides to tell you the most random of things- like the gypsy girl asking her lover how he organises his books. This may seem stupid but tells a lot about her. I have previously read “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” and the detail of the tragedies is emotional and provides a vivid image of the destruction. This is also seen in Everything is Illuminated as the past is retold through the descendants words being constructed for their own books. I feel like I shouldn’t give a review as cannot say what is good and bad about it. He is so refreshing and new from any other books I have read- bar “A Tale of Two Cities” which is so poignant at the end. I would recommend-only to people who enjoy books – not just reading the ones that have been turned into films or TV series (although both of his books I have mentioned have) to read one of his books and make your own mind up. He really is unique which sadly means not for everyone- at least read 100 pages as there is little action(compared to other books I mean) – but dialogue makes up for that. Definitely going to read another of his books and try to decide if I actually like him or too mesmerised by how different it is to others. Sorry not a review just a debate to myself.


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  1. Gregory McCann says:

    Wow, this is actually a very interesting sortofreviewbutisn’tareview. xD I really like how you weave in advice with the detail itself. 🙂

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