1st review- Hansel and Gretel witch hunters


Sorry it has taken so long, but I said I reviewed anything in site, and until now I have not. So here is the first one. Accidently watched this film in 3D, only realised when was given some glasses.

Hansel and Gretel- I was expecting a dark comedy with aspects of Sleepy Hollow. And I was very wrong, it had aspects of Brothers Grimm 2005 film (naturally), but less comedy. The dark woods were there, and a lot of witches. Now as my first review I will try not to provide spoilers, as I received none before I watched it. It is always good going into the film knowing little. Although I glanced at the Empire review and it gave it 2 stars. I can see why, it is not a movie classic, and I may not watch the film again for a few years. Not because it was really bad, just because it never truly developed. At just 1hr 28mins long we had one major plot and a few little action scenes. It started straight in with the familiar fairy-tale as they go into the sweet house. However the film emphasis that this is just a means to remind the audience of the fairy-tale- after the witch gets right into the face of the audience shouting “EAT!” it is all over, she burns. And then a few years has gone by. The film screams at you that this is not the ordinary tale of Hansel and Gretel, like many other films do- trying again and again to rewrite fairy-tales (the newest Red Riding Hood tries this). This one I say has successfully done it in that aspect. There is gore, (spoiler) a lot of heads exploding, and the women are in the action equally as the men. This a rare thing in fairy-tales when they are usually the lady in distress, which constantly annoys me. Although the ginger women acts as the hot women to please the men, and Gretal gets into fights- which men somehow find hot (why?). Spoiler- you see a bit more or the ginger women (wink wink nudge nudge) than a PG. So as i say a fresh look at a old fairy tale, wish it was longer so can fit in more large action. But maybe Its a good thing? A contrast to films nowadays that last over two hours (cough Battleship cough) with too much action and not enough story telling. In this film we need both, we get aspects of Hansel and Gretel who have been through a lot, and they are close at times. But sometimes, it just seems like two hot actors have been thrown into a film, there closeness seems more like couple love then sibling one. Maybe (i hope) this film was just a introduction and I want a second film, that develops them as characters. I am liking the goriness that I see in this film and similar in Tarantino’s films, and never see in action genre in Hollywood. This should be carried on and Disney stay away from it !! So overall (I might be contradicting myself) a good simple Sunday film, that has enough gore for me to like.


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  1. Gregory McCann says:

    Well, this was an awesome first review. You show an intellectual and witty sort of humour and your arguments and analysis are sound. I haven’t seen this film yet but the trailers look kinda impressive. Good job Michael Bay wasn’t the director, otherwise we’d have had 2 hours of Megan Fox’s arse and breasts, 15 minutes of meaningless dialogue and 5 minutes of massive explosions.

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