Death Poem

Yesterday someone from my school died, she had a horse riding incident and the family decided to turn off the life support. This was such a shock for me, and I did not know her, but as my teachers say ,it will affect all of use because she was part of the sixth form community. And like many other poets I tried to write what I felt in a poem. Writing is an attempt to understand but no one can understand death, especially when someone dies so young and so tragically.


is when someones story stops.

They walk out the room

and they halt.

Paralyzed in people’s minds

either with happiness

or the last moment you saw

them on Earth.

Possibly, exactly the moment

you knew.

You might of saw,

heard the last breath


The last time you saw.

And now you have lost


You scream for them to reply

but 6 feet under

or a 1000 miles up

stop you from hearing

or knowing

if they have ever replied.






One Comment Add yours

  1. Gregory McCann says:

    Aww, must have been a shock. :/ This poem is excellent by the way.

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