Hello, first post

More of an introductory then an actual creative writing piece. I am a year 13 a level student and will be on this blog- show you my creative writing, which is mainly poetry. Poetry is the “best words in the best order” and for me provides a snippet of my thoughts, as I can quickly write a poem and not hassle with characters or plots. Majority of my poetry should be read fast and better to read in your head. My reviews will be on films and books, in a attempt to improve this skill and document my opinions. I am currently writing a poetry book, “the not in love poems”, about and other people’s and myself (or is it ‘I’ )  relationship with love, and the word love itself. Hopefully I am not too negative; I have experience love for friends and family, but not the lovers love, the one that everyone likes to talk, sing, write about. For now I write about growing up and the relationships that people face with. I look at relationships between the persona, males, a child and daughter, a squirrel and stone, a fly and a fly zapper. Hopefully I have not given too much away. Watch this space as I will eventually type up my poems 🙂


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